Why I'm Running

Why I’m Running

I grew up in the school system of Columbus County. As a parent and leader, I have a vested interest in our school system and will promote the vision of Columbus County Schools. I believe that I have the qualifications to assist in leading the school system to a higher level of education while promoting economic development in our county by advocating for all system employees and students. I am concerned that for years we have not been able to secure the funds needed to pay and retain our teachers. The pandemic has added additional stress to an already underperforming system. I believe that honesty, integrity and transparency, coupled with my experience in funding, management, healthcare and leadership, will be essential in creating a safe environment of learning that can increase successful outcomes for our children and teachers. Another concern we are facing is funding from the state. My experience and hard work ethic can change this. I am running because I believe that the system that changed my life can positively change the lives of our students for generations to come.

My Qualifications

I have five years experience as an elected leader. My experience in leadership, funding and grant writing will help obtain funds on various levels. I have worked directly with state representatives to secure funding, local colleges for student program development and as an advisor to Columbus County commissioners. Establishing relationships that give students resources and opportunities they need for university preparedness and workforce development is key to successful futures. Higher test scores and stronger school models make the county more attractive to outside industry promoting economic development. We must work to be all things to all students. I believe we could develop collaborations with local small businesses to establish on-the- job training and shadowing programs to promote more job readiness for our students. My vision would be to help employ students locally and help them become employed in the fields in which they are interested. My experience in these programs can help in development and execution. I will not grow weary in working for a stronger education system.

My Top Three Priorities, If Elected

Before we can accomplish any goals set forth by our school system we must work to attract and retain teachers, who are on the front lines of our educational system. We do that by focusing on three key areas: Safety, Technology, and College & Career Readiness.


My healthcare experience equips me with the knowledge needed to make sure that our students are safe. By following CDC guidelines and addressing the needs in the schools we will work to ensure the safest environment for our students and families.


Through partnerships with various businesses/industries, we could provide high speed internet options for our communities. This increase in technology would benefit our schools, students, and our communities thereby making communities more attractive to outside industries resulting in an increase in jobs.

College & Career Readiness

We could begin by partnering with universities and colleges that will allow our students access to their campus and local businesses that allow shadowing. I will work to highlight programs with professionals to expose our students to various types of careers.